The Representation of Female Superheroes in Film

In recent decades, in relation to the science fiction genre, there has been a rapid increase in popularity in the superhero film. However, along with many of these films, come gender issues in relation to their female superhero roles.

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In this podcast episode, we will discuss the lack of purpose, attention, and science/technology behind the making of certain female superhero characters in comparison to that of the classic, iconic and simply more popular male superheroes.

In support of this, we will begin with looking at the heroine of Catwoman. We will take a close look at choice of costume and how costume has been a key factor in substituting the physical strengths, or ‘superpowers,’ of these heroines with other emotional strengths, or “sexual weapons.”

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We will also analyse how the character of Black Widow is depicted. She embodies the ultimate femme fatale, as her sexuality is amplified and weaponised. The erotic implications of her superhero name, the impractical design of her costume, her relationship with male characters, and her traumatic backstory are moulded by sexist ideology.

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However, it’s not all doom and gloom! We wrap up the show with a discussion about the progression that has been made in recent years. We will take a particularly close look at Captain Marvel & the progressive steps taken in the film to revolutionize gender roles in superhero films and the general perception of female superheroes.

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We will also offer our two cents on what more can be done and how our ideas could be implemented in future productions.

We hope you enjoy this podcast. Please feel free to check out our recommended reading list below for more information.

Recommended reading.

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